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Cookie Dough Cupcakes.jpg

cookie dough cupcakes

chocolate chip cake, vanilla buttercream, topped with a scoop of edible cookie dough

Coffee Crumble Cupcake

cinnamon sugar swirl cake, vanilla buttercream, topped with cinnamon sugar crumble

Coffee Crumble Cupcakes.jpg
Chocolate Pudding Cupcake.jpg

Chocolate Pudding Cupcake

chocolate cake, chocolate pudding center, chocolate buttercream, topped with mini chocolate chips

Pistachio Cupcake

pistachio cake, cream-cheese buttercream, topped with crushed pistachios

Pistachio Cupcke.jpg
Oreo Brookie Cupcakes.jpg

oreo Brookie Cupcake

chocolate cake, oreo buttercream, topped with a scoop of edible cookie dough

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake

vanilla cake, strawberry puree center, vanilla buttercream, topped with a slice of fresh strawberry

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.jpg
Creme Brulee.jpg

Crème Brûlée cupcake

vanilla cake, creamy vanilla center, vanilla buttercream, topped with crunchy brulee'd sugar

fruity pebbles™ Cupcake

vanilla cake, cereal milk center, fruity pebbles buttercream, topped with crushed fruity pebbles cereal

Fruity Pebbles Cupcake.jpg

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Minimum One Week Notice for any orders.

Order is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation email

[please respond to email confirming you’ve received].

Invoices are sent at the end of the month prior to pickup date.

Pickup dates are stated on the confirmation email.

requested pickup dates are NOT always a day of the week the shop is open for pickups so PLEASE pay attention to pickup dates stated in confirmation email. Invoices are due no later than ONE WEEK prior to pickup date.

if invoice is not paid by that date , the order will not be fulfilled.

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